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Multiport Selector Valve (MSV)

The Concept

The Multiport Selector Valve (MSV) is a compact manifold system with eight inlets and two outlets. Multiple wells streams can be connected to a single body and by means of the special designed internal selector is possible to select and divert the fluids from one well to the test line while all the other remain connected to the production header through the common group outlet.  

With this configuration up to seven wells can be connected to each MSV, leaving one inlet free for field seal integrity testing and to allow tandem installations of multiple MSV sharing a single test header featuring in line a Multiphase Flow Measurement System o Test Separator.

The MSV is also successfully used in water injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery projects. In this case the common inlet is diverted to multiple injection points allowing, using the test line, to calibrate each injection point volume, one at a time.




The MSV positioning system can be provided as a Manual system  or as an Electric-mechanic system specifically designed and configured for simplicity and reliability. The Multiport Selector Valve is very competitive respect to conventional manifold because have only one operation point for the control of up to seven wells versus fourteen or seven operation points for conventional two way or three way valves production manifolds. This advantage result in important benefits as noted:

Reduced Installation Cost:

Reduced Ownership and Operation Cost:

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